Language selector

Trying to use the menu items “English” and “Français” as language selectors rather than the globe icon currently displayed on the page:
I edited the menu sets with the lines
<div data-lang="fr">Français </div>
<div data-lang="fr">English </div>
but that doesn’t do much.
The problem is compounded by the fact that the links to other pages within the site have yet to be established.


I don’t think you can use menu items as the language selectors. (mainly because the language selector has an ID (which is probably what makes it all work), and IDs should be used only once per page. And the links themselves use different html than what you’re trying.

You could change the globe icon to text like: English/Francais using custom css.

You’d also need to change your button styling or add more custom css to style the new “menu item”

There is this: Customizing Language Selector –


So, is combining the English/French menu item function as a language selector out of the question?

I just realized that I only need to have an “ENTER” button (or “ENTRER” in French that would change as the language switcher is set.

As above, you can change the the icon to text with custom css, but you’d still get the drop-down.

I don’t think you could create menu items in your menu set that would act as language selectors

Where do I translate the menu names?

The drop-down selectors for the language icon? In Settings>Language. Click on Edit Language. Fill in what you want in the Display Name field.

No, I meant the navigation menu (Home, Galleries, Contact etc)

You do it in the same way you would do for a page. Put each word in its own div in the menu set item. (span may work, I used divs in my test site)

Thank you, Rod. I found something like this in my previous “conversion” ( ).

I’m starting to realize that, much like Nathalie’s site, I’ll probably have to start from scratch rather than trying to import the folder structure from the previous site and “fixing” the links.