Lightroom 10 and Backlight 3.1, Client Response Gallery

I’m specifically trying to upload a client response gallery (9.0.2) Backlight 3.1 with Lightroom 10.

It keeps crashing.

Is Lightroom 10 compatible?

Also, not sure this matters but in Lightroom Web module the Layout Style is CE4 Client Response Gallery. I’ve been using this style for a long time.

Please advise.

When you say “uploading,” what do you mean. Are you using Publisher?
I ask because you mention the Web Module. Galleries exported from the CE4 plugins are not compatible with Backlight.
CE4 Publisher is not compatible with Backlight either.

LR 10 (LR classic) is compatible. You need to be using the latest TTG Publisher plug-in, which you can download from your Backlight Modules page.

Lightroom Web Module has nothing to do with Backlight. You can completely ignore it. The Web Module templates cannot be used with Backlight. You can safely remove them if you want, unless you’re still running a CE4 site.

Ok. I forgot I migrated to using Lightroom > Publisher Services. Question about the “?” help instruction. They don’t match my chosen icons i.e. I have a check box not a heart for favorites. But the help instruction shows a heart icon.

Is this normal?

You need to edit the Help html, replacing the Font Awesome code for the heart icon with the code for the checkbox.

To access the html, edit the album template. In the Client Response add-on, at the bottom, you’ll see:
Content / Legend / Help (md)

See if my post on using Font Awesome in your site helps. I cover this exact scenario:

Did you sort out the question you originally posted about?