Lightroom Publisher Takes A Long Time

I’ve been a long time user of TTG, and I’ve been living with slow upload speeds from Lightroom to my website. I’m a sports photographer with galleries for each player. I upload anywhere from 700-1000 photos for a game to the player galleries. I just upgraded my internet speed, and my upload is >100Mbps. Uploading images to the gallery is no faster than when I had slow internet. Looking at how long it takes per image, I’ve seen 25-60 seconds…per image. Is there some way to make this faster?

Is the TTG Lightroom Publisher up to date?

the bottle neck could be with your host, have you asked them about it?

Are you running the latest version of Lightroom? There was a bug recently that caused the publisher function to run slow or stop entirely.

I have not but will contact them today. My hosting provider is Blue Host.

I am using the latest version of Lightroom and the Publisher plugin

one other thing to try is resetting Lightroom preferences. That can fix all sorts of weirdness.

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What are typical times per photo? I’ve reset my Lightroom preferences and called Blue Host. Neither seem to have improved upload speeds.

what size photos? I use 1200px images at quality level 69 on my site and pictures usually only take a few seconds each. Nowhere near 25 seconds. And I have a slow dsl upload speed.

It appears they are very large photos. Does LR control this or Backlight? I don’t see where in LR to set it, but in Backlight, my photo size is set to 960 at quality level 60. This doesn’t appear to have any affect.

Are you providing downloads? In the album template, under Advanced setup, you can have Lightroom create download renditions.

Along the same line, are these albums with downloads for sale using the cart module? If so, in the album template, in the Add-ons section, are you generating photos for purchase?

I am not providing downloads, but it was turned on. It is now disabled.

I am using the cart module, but generate photos for purchase is off.

Images in both the “photos” and “thumbnails” directories are full sized.

Do you have more than one album template? Could it be that it uses full size images and that you’re accidentally choosing it when creating new albums?

I’ve got a mix of things because of the changes over the years. I’ve been using Backlight since it came out, and the previous versions before that. I need to clean out some of my old galleries, but I’ve been using Pangolin based templates for a while, but they haven’t been the “defaults”, so when a new gallery is created it was an Okapi based template until I brought it up in Lightroom to configure it, then I would change it to the Pangolin based template. I just changed all my defaults to the Pangolin templates.

And what are the image rendition settings in the album template you are currently using to create albums?

The album template is a Client Response with thumbnails of 169x169 at 69%, photos at 960x960 at 69%. These appear to be defaults because they’re the same in multiple templates. I’ve used defaults for most everything, just customizing layouts to suit my needs. I’ve never paid attention to the photo sizes that were uploading blaming my slow internet speed on the reason. Now that I see I’ve been creating full size images and thumbnails, it makes sense, but nothing makes sense on how to fix it.

try creating a brand new template using the rendition sizes you need. See if that publishes correctly.

Nope. Created a full size image. The uploaded images are smaller than the original, only in filesize. Original = 14MB, uploaded size = 5.1MB. Image dimensions are identical at 8256x5504.

I did one with the cart add-on, and one without, both used default settings, and both uploaded full size images.

@ben is probably going to need to take a look, but you can try a couple of things:
Click the Clear template cache and Update album files links on your Backlight Special Links page.

Hi @PBMike, can I try publishing a hidden album to your website to see whether I experience the same thing? To do so, please message me a Backlight admin login by clicking on my username then messaging from there.
It could also be good if you tried publishing to my test site. That should help narrow down where publishing is slowing down.

Another thing to try is to export the same images with the same resolution settings. See whether that’s faster than publishing. Depending on your template settings it should be 2-3 times faster to export than the publish. If you’re seeing speeds such as 10 seconds per export then the issue is likely with your LR.

Ben and @rod_barbee, it’s a LR 11.4 issue. Downgrading to LR 11.3 the photos and thumbnails render at the size specified in the Backlight template.

I love the way I can present my photos for sports in galleries for each player. I don’t know of any other software that does what Backlight/TTG have been doing for many years. Even back in the CE2 days this software allowed me to do things that I would have had to create my own custom website, which I can do, but I don’t want to. The time you’ve saved me over the years with the flexibility of your software has been immeasurable. Plus, this is the first time I’ve been on the forum and the customer service that I’ve experienced has been outstanding.

Thanks for providing the best website building software for photographers!

Thanks for all your help!

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