Lightroom Publisher

I initially set up my site using LR Publisher, then modified it directly in Backlight. When I publish an album, it will only go into the top level gallery, but I want it to go into another gallery that is in the top gallery. Is there any way to do that? I tried changing the Publisher settings, but no luck. And I don’t know how to then move the album into the lower level gallery in Backlight.
Thanks again.

Can you better describe your set up?
You can’t publish an album into another album, only to the top-level or into an album set.
When you say “When I publish an album, it will only go into the top level gallery, but I want it to go into another gallery that is in the top gallery,” do you mean you want it to go into an album set?

If you created an album set in Backlight Publisher, Lightroom Publisher has no way of knowing it’s there and so you won’t be able to publish into such an album set from Lightroom.

Sorry, I meant “album set”. My top level gallery is “top” and the album set is “work”. I see what you mean about LR P not knowing it’s there. Is there a way to move an album from the top level gallery into the album set (within Backlight)?
Thanks so much for your time, I am not the sharpest tool at this stuff…

If you’ve published an album from Lightroom and you want to be able to move it to an album set created in Backlight, you need to decouple the album from Lightroom Publisher.

In Backlight, go to Publisher and navigate to where the album you’re interested in lives. Click on the name of the album. Click on Edit. Scroll down to Advanced Settings. Under Album Management, change that to Managed by Backlight.

Go up to the Basic Settings tab. At the top is Parent. Click on the drop-down to move the album into the album set you want it in.
(if you first go to the Basic Settings tab, you’ll see that the option to change the Parent is greyed out)

One thing to watch out for if you do this is if you make any subsequent changes to the album in Lightroom. If you do, the album will be moved back to where Lightroom thinks it should be. But the management will still show Backlight and you can move it back.
I’m not sure if this is by design, but it seems to be how it works.

Thanks, that explains it. Does seem better to do this all in Backlight, it’s just so convenient to publish directly out of LR.

I like the combination. I manage my albums with Lightroom but I also take advantage of some of the management features in Backlight Publisher, like managing Hero images, or adding text to the copy areas.

This seems to happen if I change text in the Copy areas of the album in Lightroom. If I make a change to an image, or add an image, the album stays where I moved it

I did some testing and here’s what I found.
If you move a Lightroom Publisher created album to Backlight control and then move it to another album set with Backlight, there are some things to be aware of.

If you make any changes at all in the Edit Album dialog in Lightroom, the album will be moved back to its original location.
In Lightroom, you can add images or change images (metadata, labels, develop settings) and the album will stay where you placed it.

If you want to remove the album from Lightroom Publisher, just make sure that when you delete the album, you click on the “Leave on Service” button when the warning box pops up. If you click Delete, then the images will be removed and the album will disappear.

Wow thanks for the thorough explanation! I’m impressed the LR can “find” the album even though it’s been moved. Will keep all this in mind.
Thanks again.