Lightroom release 9.3 publisher not working

I have just updated my lightroom classic to release 9.3. Unfortunately the publisher plugin is not working anymore. Am I the only one? any ways around?
Thanks all

@Ben will need to have a look. Are you running the latest version of the Publisher plugin? (visit the Backlight Modules page in your admin to see/get the latest)

Hi Ben,
I might be running the latest version but would you mind posting the link to the latest version? Alternatively please email me.

Many thanks

Running 5.0.2

@topdetop I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet. In what way is it not working? Are you seeing any error messages?

@topdetop I’ve removed your email address from the post above. Because bots and spammers, we typically don’t want email addresses exposed in posts. In future, if you fill out your user profile, we should be able to get your email address, else direct message you within the forum.

You can always download the latest Publisher Plugin from your Backlight Modules page.

I was just able to publish from LR Classic 9.3

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I am also having trouble. The plugin stopped working after updating LR and can’t be installed. Trying to install causes an error. I hope this will be fixed very quickly as I rely on Backlight heavilly.

Thanks, Steen

How did you do it? I can’t!


I just published as normal.
Could be a Lightroom quirk. You might try resetting Lightroom preferences, that often cures all sorts of Lightroom weirdness

Did you first unzip the Publisher plugin before installing it?

Yes I unzipped before installing. Actually it was installed, when I updated LR to latest version.

I’ll try a reset…

Thanks, Steen

Hi All,
Sorry being busy… All good now after reinstalling Lightroom 9.3…
Bizarre .

That’s a relief.

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I have now reset Lightroom as Rod suggested, but I still can’t install TTG publisher. I have to admit I am a bit frustrated about this. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Steen

Ok, now it works. Found out that I had to point the Plugin Manager to to bottom folder in the downloaded and unzipped folder. All is fine :slight_smile: :grinning:

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I am deeply sorry but my issue still exist.
I have been for years on backlight 1 but had to upgrade because old backlightlight with new PHP did not work.
I got my site running it all looks good, but I can’t publish from Lightroom.
Backlight 3
Lightroom 9.3
TTG-Publisher Plugin 5.0.3 (authentication check in LR is succesful)

Error message is as follows:
Unable to perform action: uploadRendition
Unexpected error: Unknown: file created in the system’s temporary directory in Unknown on line 0

I unzipped the plugin, did the LR Reset - no success.

Any ideas what I could do. Thanks for your support.

This looks to be a configuration issue with your host and not related to BL 3.0.3. Usually references to ‘line 0’ imply an error before our PHP has even run.

Can you try contacting your host’s technical support?

Thanks a lot. I did not contact the provider but you pointed me in the right direction.
Upgrading from BL 1 to BL 3 I accidentaly deleted the /tmp folder in the root of my domain. That caused the problem.
I copied it back and set the rights to 777.
All is fine now.
Best regards
Michael from gommit-foto