Links in pictures

Hi guys…
I have a strange question :wink:
I understand that with this weird idea I would use backlight
in a way that it is not made for… but maybe you could just give me
your opinion if it is possible at all.

I would like to build a website with pictures in a grid,
exactly like Backlight does, but instead of enlarging on click,
I would like to go to a link.
Actually (technically) to a link to 360° panoramas, running like this:

If not with clicking ON the picture (which would be the nicest)… maybe some workaround on some link under the picture using some of the options to show meta-data-info… and put a link there?

Any chance?

You would need to do this with html.
I’d suggest using the TTG Responsive Grid and placing the image tag inside of an anchor tag in each “cell” of your grid.

You can see an example of this at the bottom of the home page of this test site.
It’s a grid with one row and three columns. I’ve got a caption beneath each picture.
In this example, I used this structure:

    <a href=".....">
          <img src="......">
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Could you not simply use an album set for the grid?

And then for the destination, a full-screen template with your embedded code for the panoramic?

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Now that would be too easy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

using an iframe?
I am not so into the albumsets (I didn`t really use them in my other sites),
so I am not recognizing the advatage… but I certainly want to understand.

What the panorama is concerned… I need to include virtual tours… with iframes this could be possible…
If I rember right, in albumsets… images go to albums. So I should substitute these albums with iframe-pages?..

@rod_barbee your solution also looks intersting…as each thumbnail leads directly outside of the site to the external link.
I have to understand more about both ways… to understand pros and cons… but I am happy that I can somehow do it with BL.

I am still not sure what the responsive grid does for me in this case Rod.

The album sets are basically a thumbnail grid that opens a subsequent page, rather than opening an image. The album set doesn’t really care what’s on that page.

So, make that page an album of some kind. Use PHPlugins to add your code, or use the Theater’s Pym iframes option to setup an iframe for your content, or find some other way to manage it.

But the grid should be the easiest part; just use an album set. Then you’ve got a few options for how to approach the “album” itself.

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Ok, thank you Matt,
I will follow that line.

Aproppo NFT.
My “dream” of selling NFTs was roughly canceled by twitter.
I was accused to have broken some rules that as far as
real persons can see were not the case…
like cross-posting (I never had a second account)
aggressive following (I followed very few)
automated tweeting… I tweeted my art under tweets that offered to do so (but several times the same tweet by copy paste).
Without any warning… or chance to correct
I am now permanently “suspended”.
Twitter in NFT ist the principal channel to find customers…
so… end of the party.
Its the big lesson of dependencies … big companys like Twitter are powerful and certainly not based on democratic processes…
Building my art site in english with Backlight wasnt an error... maybe I wouldnt have done it without NFT.
But I think I am not the only artist who payed his lesson in form of gas-fees.