Locked out of Backlight Module

After some errors, I tried to update my Backlight 2 via the module page and the whole system crashed. After not being able to access my Backlight admin or website, I reinstalled the backlight module via my web host. No it says my password is incorrect to log in. I requested a reset link, which it says was sent, but nothing has come to my email. (amy@ashevilleartfamily.com)

Our site is still loading errors for the images. Not sure if the legacy version is now outdated?

Thanks for any help.

try using the default login:

BL2 is outdated. The recent update provides an easier way to update to BL5


Thanks, this worked. I purchased version 5 via the website but it isn’t showing up in my modules to upgrade!

@amykalyn Send me an email or direct message here on the forum, including your full name and any emails you might have used to order in the past, as well as present. After I find and reconcile your orders in our system, you should be able to upgrade easily.

@amykalyn I’ve emailed you instructions. You should be all set now.