Login screen accepts username and password but doesn't do anything

I actually found a post to setup a php file that would iincrease count, but it doesn’t. It stays at 1.

I need to know what to adjust on the server



Hi Michael, are you using a cloud proxy service such as CloudFlare? Try disabling that.

Also, can you provide your site URL so that I can take a look?

Thanks - on Cloudflare - not as far as I know.

The site is www.5thavenuedigital.com/backlight



Hi Michael, thanks for that. Looking up the site’s IP address, it does just look like a regular address, and not one linked to a cloud service.

Can you please send me your Backlight order number and email used for purchase via direct message so that I can look further into this?

Hi Ben

I replied to an email from you with the info. Please confirm you received it. Thanks

Hi Michael, I haven’t received anything, either in my inbox or spam. Can you send me a message via direct message? You should be able to do this by clicking my profile name and then send a message from there.
It looks like something is amiss with session handling on your server. Can you also provide me with FTP access so that I can try and work out what’s going on?

You should have everything if I messaged correctly.