Lost my templates on Backlight 2

I went to publish a new gallery from Lightroom today and all my templates were gone. I am also getting this pop up error, which I assume is related…

Error performing function.

Unable to complete the action.

Headers: { [error] => { [errorCode] => “securityError” [name] => “The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “www.peterblandford.com” which could put your confidential information at risk.” [nativeCode] => -1202

Any ideas?

Have you changed anything?
Your site url is using https. Do you have an SSL certificate installed?
Or could an existing certificate have expired?

I have recently set up the site to default to https (discussed here SSL on backlight 2) but the certificate looks fine

Maybe the API URL in Lightroom doesn’t start with ‘www’? And check that you use ‘https’ there as well, which I think you do.

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Thanks Daniel, removing the www from the api url fixed it

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