LR Publisher error message relating to https

I’m trying to add an Album called “Latest Images” to the Top Level Gallery (my index page) to sit along side two Album Sets. My strong preference is to do everything via the Publisher in Lightroom Classic.
I had assumed that I just “Create Album” in LR publisher but I get the following error message:
“Unable to perform action: listTemplates
The Publisher module sent an action that was not available. Check that the API URL set in Publisher Module begins with https.”
In the LR Publishing Manager the TTG Publisher details show the API URL as http:// . I.e. not https.
But I haven’t made any changes to my site for over a year so what has changed and how do I rectify? Should I be taking this opportunity to shift everything to https? If so, how?
Thank you in advance for any help.
If it helps, my website is

First, make sure that your Publisher API url matches the Site URL found in Backlight Settings. They should both start with the same thing: http:// or https://

If your site is using an SSL certificate then your Site URL should start with https:// as should your Publisher API URL

Thanks for the speedy response Rod. It looks like Bluehost might have changed my site behind the scenes from http to https.
I’ve now added the “s” to the Publisher API url and I’ve changed the site url in Backlight settings to https.
All now fixed.
Thanks again.