‘Main Copy’ font sizing?

Hey Guys,
Where can you change the font sizing for the ‘Main Copy’ of a page template?
I see the ‘Font Weight’ selector, but not a selector for actual font sizing.
I Also see a selector for font sizing for menus and such.
So I assume I’ve just missed it? :smirk:

there is no option for that.
use custom css or inline styling
Standard body font size is 16px. That’s baked in and there is no control to change it. Everything else is based from that using em or rem. Except specific areas where we have control over font size.
It looks like .the__copy (those are double underscores ) selector controls the main copy areas (1em) and .widget controls the pallets (0.875em)
So you can use those selectors in your custom css to adjust the size. For example If you wanted 18px fonts for the main copy, you can do either this:

.the__copy {
font-size: 18px;


.the__copy {
font-size: 1.125em;

I think that .the__copy selector should be specific enough.

Hey Rod,
Sorry if this is a dumb question here, but…, where is the ‘custom css’ page, … and the ‘index.html’ page you referenced in the other thread?
I’m looking through the backlight folders on my ftp client and I’m not seeing them.
Are they actually in the ‘backlight’ folder on my server? That’s where I’m currently looking, but there are tons of folders in there, with multiple variations of index.html files, as well as multiple .css files.
For example, I see a ‘custom-sample.css’ file, and so on.
Should I be looking in the specific folder to the ‘pangolin-page’?
Or the ‘data’ folder?
Or the ‘designer’ folder?


For example, at this link that I’ve been testing/editing;
There is no 'index.html or .css file. within the ‘mounted-canvas-prints1’ folder
(There is an index.php file.)
So thus confused with the suggestions by you (and Mathew) from this, and my previous post, about editing those two specific files for customizing purposes.
Is this making sense?? :slight_smile:

see this doc that covers creating and enabling your own custom css file

There is no index.html and you shouldn’t be editing index.php files.
For customizing Backlight (beyond what’s in the template settings), you usually don’t need more than custom css and/or phplugins.

If by “the other thread” you mean the one about multiple text columns, there was no mention of an index.html page. There was mention about writing html in the Backlight page copy or the Lightroom Publisher page copy areas. Those are the same areas you’d put regular text. But in the case of columns of text, you’d need to write it out in html code.
If that doesn’t clear it up, can you link to the thread you mentioned.