Make one item in menu a differnt colour?

Hi all,

Just wondering if there was any way with custom CSS you can make one item in a horizontal menu a differnt colour with the idea of making it stand out as it has submeu items.


Chumby - I did this by embedding the code directly on the Name of the item in the menu design. This is the code I used to turn one item only from black to gold. “ font style=“color:rgb(231, 248, 90);”>| Fine Art Gallery |</font“

Note I had to leave off the opening and closing “< >“ in this message to get the code to show. Not sure how to do it properly on Discourse. Make sure you have that added when you insert it into the menu item Name.

You can see the result on my page at

Here’s a post that contains a link about formatting text (including code snippets) in Discourse
plus, when creating/editing a post, in the toolbar above there is a set of text formatting options, including basic code formatting that looks like this: </>

since <font> is deprecated in html5, use inline styling. Maybe something like this:

<span style="color: red;">Your title</span>

thanks Rod - 4 spaces in front of the code seems to do the trick.

<font style="color:rgb(231, 248, 90);">| Fine Art Gallery |</font>

This was a menu solution I used back in BL2 and dropped off when I redesigned the site in BL3.

Thanks Rod and TAlexanderPhoto - have it working with span as you suggest, Rod. You can see it at: - the drop down item “Tasmania” is in red.