Manually adding a sale to Cart

I was running BL1 with Cart and was compelled to upgrade due to an error message. I suspect an update to my hosting environment caused the error. I’m now at BL4 with Cart 7.

I had a sale from BL1 that I need to transfer to BL4. I have the details of the sale in an email. What is the best way to recreate the sale so that the customer can enjoy additional downloads?


If you upgraded from BL1 to BL4, then I think the link to the download should still be good, unless they’ve already downloaded the maximum allowed.

Otherwise, You could have them just repurchase the download using the invoiced method of checking out (not the PayPal option) . Then you just update the order and mark it paid.

I created a brand new installation, and setup with BL4. BL1 was broken and isn’t accessible. Correct me if I’m wrong - I think I’m going have to replicate the sale using the Proceed to Check-out, supplying the customer’s information.
I don’t see a way to manually add an order in the back-end (administrator) of Cart.

That will work. Either you or, as mentioned above, the customer can do it.