Manually typing Metadata is terrible

Hi, I just have uploaded over 100 images with backlight publisher.
I wanted to type the same Metadata to all images. It was terrible. I had to do this for each image. I marked all images but it did not work.



It’s not meant as a bulk metadata editor. You should embed as much metadata as needed in the images upon export from your digital asset management program.

It was from iPhone, and a test.
My favorite is so Lightroom :cry:. It’s much more better than Backlight Publisher.


Ideally, your JPEGs should contain embedded metadata whenever possible. I export JPGs from Capture One Pro with embedded metadata, upload using Backlight Publisher, and everything is perfect.

Editing metadata in Backlight Publisher is an additional layer of functionality that should help with edge cases, but is not, and will likely never be a bulk metadata editor, nor a replacement for embedding metadata in your images in your chosen software. At the end of the day, Backlight is still a web application.

Ok, so I will use only Lightroom for uploading images.


Hi Rainer,

My combination is Photo Mechanic / Backlight Publisher. Works well if I get the meta-data right with PM at the start.


No it is ok. This is the old problem to upload from IOS with Safari. All GPS coordinates are deleted, and I didn’t want to import and upload via Lightroom from my iPhone.
All of the images should have the same title and caption, so it would be much easier to mark them all and to edit title and caption only one time like on PC.


Matt has a blog post about using Lightroom CC for a mobile workflow, more easily bringing your phone photos into Lightroom

And that’s exactly what I don’t want. Mobile images I never use. They are only in a hidden album like - garden -, to see later which kind auf plants I’ve had in the last years.
So it is easier to upload from my iPhone. All other images always with Lightroom.