Mast Head Customization

Is it possible to use a font that is not included in the drop down menu for the Mast Head (papyrus).
Or is it possible to upload a logo as a jpg file and replace the Mast Head (company name) with the jpg image?
Thanks, Paul

yes. See that Prepend field? you can pre-pend the drop down list with whatever font you want. You’ll probably need to add that font to your site using Google fonts (add the Google fonts statement in the page template’s Typography section) or by adding your font to your site manually via custom css.

you can also add a graphic logo for your masthead. See the Masthead section of the page template (Add a logo image)

Great. Thanks.

But … maybe not Papyrus?

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Didn’t realize there was such strong negative feelings about Papyrus…

BTW - the html that Rod suggested initially worked for the masthead with Papyrus.
However, when I added copy to the home page the Mast Head text moved into the body of the page.
Please see attached. Masthead remained in the correct location on all the other pages.

Did you use html to add the copy to the home page?
If so, look for an unclosed tag somewhere

You were right on. Thanks for your help.

Haha. Maybe? I’m a bit of a typography geek, so factor that in. I just think this is one of the only genuinely funny things to come out of SNL for years.