Masthead images not showing

Hey Folks
I have recently transferred a wordpress with backlight 3 doing the theme from bluehost to justhost (under the same umbrella i know) so that the sites i deal with are in one place.
My other sites are working fine
All of the settings seem to have transferred across despite it being a fresh backlight install which i thought was strange but fine as i didnt have to re do it all.
Unfortunately the header images are not working regardless of what image i load in there.
I just get the white box of the correct size but no image.
I have added a background image and that works as intended
all modules are updated
the site in question is
thanks in advance

Try deleting the masthead image and uploading it again

done that even tried renaming it and saving it with different dimensions

just did it again to make sure still same effect

Just tried to change the background image to the header and it repeated as expected but masthead still not showing when any image selected

have you tried clearing template cache?

literally as you were typing that to no avail

looks like it’s working now. Did you do anything to get it to work?

really? not for me i still have a white box even in incogneto window

it was there, then it was gone. It initially took quite a long time to completely load (it was pixelated for a while).
Now it’s gone again.

I notice that the site is using https://. But the url to the image starts with http://

In Backlight Settings, under Privacy, check to see that Automatically Redirect Browsers To https is set to yes.
(also make sure that the Company and Site URL are both set to https:// (in Settings under Personalisation)
You may need to clear template cache again after that.

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Thats the jobber!
awesome thanks man