Menu language

Trying to setup a bilingual website (english & german)…
no problem for the contend of of the pages - just the menu text:
I thought that I would follow Rod’s advice setting up something like this

but the result only gave me this

I was expecting to see the text “Kontakt” instead of “Contact”…
What I am missing?

Have you added German to Languages?
can you post a link to a page that’s not working correctly?

Also try clearing template and browser cache

yes think, I have added German… works with the page contend anyway…

URL is

done… it looks like that there is a drop down … (but there isn’t)

I see you have two Contact page items in your menu set. Try removing the one that’s not using the language html code

so do I need to have 2 entries: one for each language?
and both linking to the URL (instead of PAGE)?

No, just the one entry with both English and German

getting confused…
now - one entry left

with NAME

now the menu entry is completly gone? (yes, cache is enptied)

Check your quote marks, they look like curly quotes. I think they need to be straight.
Are you writing the code in Backlight?
You can try writing it in a plain text or code editor, and then copy/paste into the menu set

perfect - thank you! that did it…
problem solved