Metadata token

Metadata 1 & 2 not showing correct token. ? No matter what token i use, just get file name. thx

Screenshot 2024-06-15 230656

did you change the token after initially publishing the images? If so, you need to republish. If using Lightroom, there’s a Publisher setting to update metadata without having to republish the pictures themselves.

Yes Rod, I did republish bothways with meta on and off in the publisher.
If i turn them off in the album template or change colour it updates but wont show any change to token value.

did you try clearing browser cache?

can you post a link to the album?

Yes both browser and template cache.

I’m stumped. Is this happening to all albums or just this one?

Yes its all, just checked another

Changed album template to Album Starter - Classic, same issue.

This is what I’m seeing in the template you’re using: Album Starter - Masonry

For the Artist token, Artist needs to be capitalized

Metadata Two is turned off

ok Capitals, but {D3} or {Lens} doesnt work either
all i get in meta 1 is title & meta 2 is file name

in the template, metadata 2 was turned off. Make sure you’re using the correct template

Yeah i am also trying to diagnose whats going on hence the colour changes.
Just chgecked exifdata from gallery
apperas ok Artist populated.

Camera Model Name : NIKON D800
X Resolution : 240
Y Resolution : 240
Resolution Unit : inches
Software : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 13.2 (Windows)
Modify Date : 2024:06:16 00:37:24
Artist : Steve Gordon

Ill sleep on it.
Thanks for your input.

Hi @rod_barbee
No resolution of issue.
Diagnostic steps so far.

  • updated PHP to 8.1
  • reinstalled all backlight modules including publisher
  • made a new Kookaburra page, album set, & album with default settings, OOTB.
  • setup new publish collection in LRc (latest version, lrcat checked recently)
  • checked ‘all metadata’ included in publisher
  • published new collection
    So no fix for pangolin album & kookaburra also acting similar.
    Kookaburra album

Other observations.

  • Other settings / adjustments, colour, text, on/off works.
  • No metadata on kookaburra slideshow
  • Kookaburra slideshow just says ‘{Caption}’

I can not get any other metadata tokens to work, leaving the setting blank publishes Title & Caption on kookaburra grid & Title & Filename on pangolin
. I think I need more help. :frowning: Steve

Actually, it shows {Captions}, plural. The token is {Caption}

Since you’re using Lightroom to publish, the problem may be in Lightroom. I’d try clearing Lightroom preferences and republishing. Clearing the preferences file can solve all sorts of strange things.

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