Metadata tokens in cart setup; watermarks updates; masters?

I’m making progress understanding Backlight3 and getting things set up, but have a couple of questions.

It appears I cannot have metadata tokens interpreted in the description text in the Add To Cart screen. I wanted to add the pixel width & height to make it clear what size was included. Other than putting the token name in {}, is there something I’m missing or is this not currently possible?

Regarding watermarks, what I think happens is that watermarks are applied on upload and I can’t change that after the fact other than by deleting the images and uploading them again. It would be excellent to be able to use the full size images from the master directory to regenerate watermarked photos for a gallery after changing a watermark. Might that be a feature in a future update?

Related to the above, with my first trial uploads, I didn’t understand how to have the photos for purchase be the full size image (I appear to have “fixed” that by putting 9999 x 9999 into the Cart features area).

How much trouble would it cause if I just used by FTP client or cPanel to remove the contents of the photos-for-purchase directory and put the contents of that album’s master directory in its place?

Is there some way to indicate I just want the masters (not some new JPEG created from the uploaded JPEG) to be what is in photos-for-purchase?

Many thanks.

Metadata tokens can only go in the fields that can take them: Metadata 1 and 2 in the thumbnails and the Tokens field under Caption in the Photo Presentation area of the album template.
There is no place to add metadata tokens in the cart

Are you using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher to upload images?

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Sorry for putting the three together. Do you want me to edit this topic to split them up?

I’m using Backlight publisher to upload images.

You can upload those manually if you like

as to replacing existing images via ftp, I think that should work. Just make sure they have the same file names.

You are correct in how the watermarking works. Currently, you’d have to delete and re-upload to change watermarks.
This is a brand new feature to Backlight so I wouldn’t be too surprised if Ben and Matt have other magic in mind that would reprocess the images in the master/ folder.

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Just in the future, It makes it easier for others with similar issues to find solutions. And it keeps the answers in the topic relevant to one subject.

You’ll need to just type that info in the description box. e.g: “Digital download of hi-res (6000px on long side) image.”

Thank you