Metadata written to multiple images

I’m trying to write metadata to over 8000 images in one fell swoop! But I get this message on some of them: “MetadataHandler.lua:2191: C stack overflow”

What does this mean?

Are you doing this in Lightroom?
If so, also try posting in a Lightroom forum.

Doesn’t happen a lot but it is annoying. Mostly when doing batch editing, keywords, metadata…

probably a Lightroom issue.

This is a Lightroom issue. What’s the exact functionality you’re trying to use to do this?

I had over 8000 images that were missing keywords. Since they all related to the same subject and situation, I decided to “batch-assign” keywords to all of them at once. It’s during that process that the error messages occur. The statement appeared only a few times during the process.
Because of the enormous amount of files, I couldn’t find the errors within the images.

still sounds like you might have encountered a limitation in Lightroom.

If you don’t often need to add metadata to that many pictures at a time, I wouldn’t worry about it. Otherwise, I’d suggest filing a bug report with Adobe.