Michael Richards Photography use of 3:1 Hero image

My site: http://www.michaelrichardsphotography.com/galleries/home-gallery/

I really like the Hero image and prefer a panoramic 3:1 format. I converted most of the site accordingly. But the hero image also serves as the thumbnail for the album set, where I use a 3:2 aspect ratio. So, my challenge was to find images that were good for the hero image but also where the center 3:2 segment makes an OK thumbnail. Here’s an example of the process. First the 3:1 hero image:

So the 3:2 thumbnail shows up like this:


Thanks for sharing. I fell down a little bit of a hole clicking around your website. Lots of interesting subject matter, and different stuff than I usually see on photo sites. I also love how much effort you’ve gone through to craft the hero images.

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