Migration from CE4 to Backlight 3

I am FINALLY about to upgrade from CE4 to Backlight 3 and I wonder if there are any shortcuts. I presently have 71 galleries containing thousands of images. Since I use Lightroom, I realize I can use my existing collections to publish my new galleries. But is there any reason I should move the existing site to a holding folder in order to copy anything into Backlight? Thanks, Herb

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Hi @HerbNestler, we support an upgrade from CE4 to Backlight 3. Please see this guide here, and let us know if you have any questions: https://backlight.me/docs/upgrading-from-ce4

As noted there, this is only for albums that were created through the Publisher. CE4 albums that were created in the Web Module can’t be upgraded to Backlight 3.

Which plugins (such as Cart, Client Response) do you use?

Hi @Ben, and thanks for the quick response. It looks like I will be recreating my galleries because I created all my CE4 galleries via LR Web module. I am not using Cart or Client Response because I am not doing business on the site. It is just for display. I am still unsure whether to get the Galeria plugin.

I am guessing that means I might as well wipe the old CE4 off my site before starting Backlight as I won’t get any benefit from having it there. Am I understanding that correctly?

If you don’t mind having your images offline for a bit, then just wiping the old site is the easiest way to go.

Thanks for confirming, Rod. I’ll load Backlight and use the home page to announce that the site is being updated while I work on populating everything. Herb

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