Missing Icons and upgrading to BL 5

Matthew - I’m currently using version 3.2.1 and like others, I’ve recently noticed missing icons on my website. I’ve read your and Rod’s explanation and ways to fix it. It sounds like the easiest is to upgrade to version 5. I have two questions about upgrading. First, is upgrading from 3 to 5 straight forward or does it involve redesign an existing website? The second question is there any cost break upgrading as an existing (long time) user? Let me know and I’ll make my decision about what I want to do. Thanks. Take care - Bill.

It’s pretty straightforward, just go to your Backlight Modules page and click update.

Backlight 5 uses the Pangolin modules just like BL3 so your site should look the same. Unless you want to move to the new Kookaburra design modules. Then you’d need to redesign.