Missing my software

Hello, I have been using the TTG 2014 and then TTG 2016 for a number of years and love it. I have it on my desktop and Laptop. I recently had a problem with Lr on my desktop and seem to have lost the use of TTG2016. I usually keep the installation apps for my software but cannot find this one. I really love this and have hundreds of web galleries on my family website. Is is possible to still get the TTG 2016 software? I think it was free at the time, but I would be willing to pay for it.

2014 is the one I really like best.

I cannot find a place on the TTG website to ask this question.

Thank you so much,

Tom O’Connor

Here ya go:

2014 Gallery

2016 Gallery

Thank you so much Matthew I really appreciate this, I love these galleries!!