Missing thumbnails and images BL3

Wee bit of help needed with Backlight 3

I removed the ‘Enable Cookie Acceptance Notice’ and all the thumbnails and their image links in my albums disappeared. I have tried reinstalling from fresh, from backups and every thing I can think of to no avail. Iv relinked the albums and republished with the same results.

Album set thumbnails show and work when clicked but when I click on an album, I get the image 1 result.

If I click on the missing thumbnail I get the image 2 result

Capture-1 Capture-2 ,

Has anyone experienced this and knows how to fix it?


have you tried clearing browser and template cache?

Can you post a link to an album showing the problem?

Also try the Update Album Files link under Special Links in the main Backlight dashboard

Hi, Rob, thanks for the quick reply,
Yes, tried all the cache clearing and updates, iv also reinstalled all the modules.
Here is the site http://Truecolourphotography.co.uk

You are loading your content from your NAS using iframes. It is not recommended to do this with Backlight, it might not even be supported!

Diving further into this, I found following error messages:

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response http://truecolourphotography.co.uk/galleries/projects/off-to-the-army/thumbnails/20130124-42.jpg with MIME type text/html. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5629709824032768 for more details.

Your NAS site is http://pqm.synology.me, but loads content from truecolourphotography.co.uk/ and that’s the problem.

You should use a dynamic DNS service that allows your NAS to be accessed using your public domain name. no-ip.com offers this service: https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/can-i-use-my-own-domain-name-with-no-ip/

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Hi Daniel, once again thanks for the quick reply,

I’m not sure if this is the answer as the site had worked with these settings for over a year without flaw until yesterday, and I have another site on the same server using port 81 with basically the same settings that works ok. The site if you want to look is http://truecolourediting.co.uk

But not to worry il plod away till I get it sorted, thanks again for your time.

Hi Guys,

Wee update solved the problem changed the ‘Company URL’ and ‘Site URL’ to point at pqm.synology.me and not the truecolourphotography.co.uk URL that has worked for so long, so Daniel was right.

How the original URL stopped working is a wee mystery at the moment but I think it might be related to a update on one of the packages on the NAS.

Once again thanks for your time.


Great that you got it working!

For the record, we do not support loading Backlight’s pages in iframes.

Hi, Mathew
Sorry if I put your out.
I came across an anomaly after changing a setting in your fantastic software. It is beyond me to work it out what went wrong, I don’t think it was your software, but I just asked if any one had come across the same problem.
Yes, I use I frames for my 360 images.
On a though maybe it is a thing for you to support 360 in the future update.

Hi again,

Hope you don’t mind me posting again but I tracked down the source of the problem.

My domain host Ionos for reasons I haven’t found out yet had switched the settings in my redirect from a HTTP to iFrames, I have 9 domains registered there with basically the same settings and this was the only one that had changed, which explains why the other redirects still work. When you mentioned the iFrames thing I assumed it was the iFrames I use to display 360 images within the site and not the site itself so sorry for the confusion.

Thanks again and keep up the good work, it is appreciated.


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Hi Paul,

I wasn’t offended.

Embedding encapsulated content – such as a 360-degree panoramic – into one of Backlight’s page via an iframe is fine, and we have integrate the Pym JavaScript library into Backlight (via the Theater Add-on) to help to simplify such things for users.

I was indeed referring to displaying the entirety of the Backlight-based website inside of an iframe. For example, we’ve seen users do that in an attempt to emulate the SPA (single-page application) experience. That is something we do not, and cannot support, as it can potentially interfere with Backlight’s functionality in various ways. We can’t stop people from doing it, as Backlight sites are self-hosted, but we advise against it, and any resultant problems are then for the user to sort out.

Hopefully you were able to undo that change in the hosting and put things right again.


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