Mobile Menue Layout: no lines displayed for the last menu/sub-menu

Hey there,
I’m having a (last) cosmetic issue on my page (
The mobile menu doesn’t display any separation lines for the last menu/sub-menu item… is there a fix or (might be better) a solution how to not display the lines for the other menu/sub menus (keeping on the separation lines between the 1st tier menus)?
Many thanks in advance
Sven M

I think those separation lines may be due to the fact that all three of those are external links. You could try looking at the page template under Typography > Base Font Properties and check the text decoration setting under hyperlinks
Are the Separation Lines turned off in the template under Navigation > Vertical Navigation?

many thanks rod - I’ve checked it, no changes if I turn on the Text-decoration for hyperlink and the separation lines are turned on…

have you tried removing all lines by turning off the separation lines?

It looks to me that if you have a non-interactive menu item, that the separation line doesn’t appear in the vertical menu.
I’m also finding that if I have a top-level link in the main menu to another album set, that link also does not have a separation line in the vertical menu.

I don’t know if any of this is by design or not.

good idea - done… now all sub-menus look the same (without lines)

I’ve had a renewed look at this, and I don’t think there’s anything here to fix; pretty sure things are working as intended.

If you want lines at the top or bottom of the menu, use the Border-top/bottom sliders.