Monte Trumbull

I just heard the sad news of Monte Trumbull’s passing. I first met Monte years ago at a workshop I was co-leading. Since then I’ve interacted with him here on the various incarnations of the TTG user forum. Those who’ve been here a while may remember him.
I always liked it when he posted a question because it was a good excuse to visit his site and see his great photos (and one of the best TTG sites I’ve seen).


Hi @rod_barbee, thanks for sharing. That is sad news.

Sad news. Thank you for sharing, @rod_barbee. Condolences to his family and friends. I always enjoyed seeing his images.

Thank you. I was unaware. He’s been a long-time community member, and recently active here, and in my inbox. Very sad news.

I found this obituary.


Too young to go. Always a sad day when another photographer passes.