Move BL3 site from test site to public site

Hi guys, question(s)…

My current website here – is up and running with Backlight 1. However, I’ve “finally” finished creating my new site using Backlight 3 here

My question is what’s the best way to move the BL3 site from to Can I just cut and past from one site to the next? Or is there a more efficient way? What lose files do I need to make sure I have?

I plan on scraping the old BL1 site so there’s nothing I want to keep from it from it anyway. I’m sure there’s a simple answer but I just want to be sure.


see if this helps:

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That works for me. Thanks.

And yeah, good suggestion about leaving the test site intact.

Thanks :+1:t3:

OK, I have another issue… how do I change the web address for an album?

I moved my new site from to yet the albums are still pointing to the How do I change the address so the album images point to exposedvisions instead of sygnus21.

Maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’m tired but I can’t seem to find the edit setting to change site addresses for the albums.


Hi, in Backlight admin go to Backlight settings, here you can change the path to your new website.


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Also, if you are using Lightroom Publisher, in addition to changing the Site URL and Company URL in Backlight settings, make sure you change the API url in Publisher Settings.

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That seems to have solved the issue. Oddly enough though I had already done that; that’s why I was able see the site from instead of the test site of And why I posted my issue the way I did - I could see the site, I just couldn’t get the images to load.

Anyway, going back into the settings this morning I discovered the changes I made last night weren’t saved. Reapplied and all is good now.

Not using Lightroom to upload image, doing it direct from the Backlight console.

Thanks. All is good now :+1:t3: