Moving to new MacBook

I have treated myself to the new MacBook Pro. This time, however, I did a Clean Install. To do this, of course, I had to reinstall Lightroom. Because I also wanted to restart in Ligthroom, I also created a new catalog.

I would like to transfer Lightroom and also TTG from my old MacBook to the new MacBook. Lightroom is no problem and the TTG module is already installed.

Now I would also like to transfer the individual album sets, albums and settings in TTG in the new catalog. Also, it is also very tedious to manually add all the photos in the albums.

But unfortunately I didn’t find an export or import button.
Is there no such thing? Or do I have another possibility.

Does anyone have a tip on how I can best implement this. I’m afraid that the old catalog might show too many inconsistencies.

Currently I still use Backlight 3 but I want to upgrade to Backlight 4.

Many greetings

Publisher collections are catalog specific.
You can transfer published collections between catalogs using the Lightroom Voyager plugin

Hi Rod,

cool, thanks for the tip.

I’m using Lightroom 11 on my new MacBook Pro M1 with Apple Silicon processor.

In the latest version 1.7.0 seems to be adapted so far only Lightroom 10 and macOS Big Sur (version 11).

Does anyone already have experience with Lightroom 11 or even Monterey?

Many greetings

I’d suggest contacting the plug-in’s author.

I have written to him, let’s wait and see

Hi Markus,
I am waiting for my new MacBook Pro to be delivered and will have exactly the same issues as you have had. I wonder how, or if, you resolved the transfer of publisher collections?
Kind regards,

I recently updated to an M1 MBP, and started afresh. Copying the catalogue file over works a charm.

Hi Daryl,
I have written 2x to the plug-in author from Lightroom Voyager - unfortunately without answer.

The plugin can be installed on Monterey and it seems to run in Lightroom 11 as well.

However, I did it then as Ben and copied to a freshly installed MBP the catalog from the old MBP.
After all drives were connected again, all previews in the Publisher Collection were also there.

The only thing that was a bit more work: I had to find the location of the photos for my smart collections again, since I have saved them on the MBP in the meantime.

Many greetings

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