Multiple albums under top level gallery

I have two client albums under the galleries directory and link to one of the albums from a “Client Galleries” menu item. I want to add the second album under “Client Galleries” but don’t see a way of doing this in the “Design Menu Set” page, where only a single album can be linked from the page.

If the Client Galleries item in your menu set is set to be linked to an album set, then items that are added to that album set are automatically added to the sub-menu, unless you’ve hidden the album from the album set.

If Client Galleries item is linked to an album set, you cannot manually add items.

Can you give us a better idea of your set up and/or a link to the site?

Hi Rod,
I have two albums - no album sets, as I don’t think I need them at this point. My top level menu contains “Home”, “Contact”, and “Client Galleries”. Currently, one of the two albums is linked to the “Client Galleries” option in the “Design Menu Set” page, and that’s working fine.

What I don’t understand is how to link a second album to the “Client Galleries” menu item so that both albums appear in a submenu to “Client Galleries”.

You can’t, not the way you have things set up. That Client Galleries link goes directly to an album.

Your top level galleries album is “galleries.” All you albums are being published to the galleries/ folder.

In your menu set, delete the item called “Client Galleries”
Make a new menu item and set “Linked to” to album set. Choose the “Galleries” album Set and set the Descend Level to something other than “Do not include descendants”

now any album you add to the galleries album set will appear in the drop down.

Thanks - I did as you suggested and now have a “Galleries” menu item that links to the album set “Galleries” with the two albums now appearing in the “Galleries” submenu. Progress.

I have set both albums to protected visibility, indicated by the icon that appears next to the name of each album in the dropdown. If I simply click on the “Galleries” link - not the submenu items - cover photos from both albums are displayed on the page.

Since these are protected albums, I would like to prevent the display of any images until the user logs in. I can’t find any combination of settings that accomplish this. Is it possible, or do I have to create a “dummy” image for each album that would show on the page?

If you’ve hidden the albums, then everything is working as expected. I can go to your Galleries page and I don’t see any albums.

If you want links to show on the Galleries page but not have an image show, then first turn off album hiding.
You then have a couple of choices. You can create a “dummy” image with your logo, the client name, or something else. Or you can hide the thumbnail images with custom css.

Also consider using Managed albums. There are several advantages to that, including saved sessions, where your client can log in, make choices, close the browser, and come back later to finish up selections.
With Managed albums you can also just give every client the same login URL. Once they log in, they’ll be taken to their album(s)

Thanks for the suggestion, Rod. It sounds like managed albums should work for me. I’ll give that a try.
Have a good weekend!