My Galleries no longer work

I have changed nothing recently. I got an inquiry a few minutes ago and tried to look at one of my galleries. None of my galleries work. I got a long message advising me to contact you for help. here is a screenshot of the error msg.


First thing to try is updating or reinstalling Backlight. Go to your Backlight Modules page and see if anything needs updating. If not, try clicking the Reinstall All link.

After that, try clearing template cache from the link on the Special Links page.
You can also try clicking the Update Album Files.

What version of php is your host using? (Click on View php info on the Special Links page)

What version of Backlight are you using?

can you share a link to the site?

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Backlight 2.0.10.
PHP 7.0.33

Updated all modules.
Galleries now working. Thanks very much Rod. You are THE MAN!

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Rod IS the man.

Oftentimes, even you change nothing, your host is changing things under-the-hood. In this case, I would guess they upgraded your PHP version without informing you.

The steps Rod has advised here should always be your first steps in troubleshooting your site.

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SORRY Host just update PHP!! All is good.