My website isn't displaying properly in Firefox

My website doesn’t display & work properly in Firefox
It works perfectly in Google Chrome.
It is using Backlight 1 (version 124)
Web Host is Bluehost
php version 7.3
I’m stumped

Firefox, it always seems to be the outlier. Problems like this seem to pop up once in a while with Firefox, or after a Firefox update.

Unless @Ben has another solution, you’ll probably need to update to Backlight 4 (since Backlight 1 is no longer supported).

Updating is a good idea anyway: new and improved features, latest php support, etc.

Hi Rod
Thanks for the amazing quick reply!
I thought you might suggest upgrading to Backlight 4
I’ll have a think on it

just took a look at your site. For me, it looks good in everything except Chrome.

How strange
I think it may be something to do with my site being set as http:// & not https://
In firefox my site comes as https:// if I change it to http:// it immediately reverts back to https://
In chrome it comes as http:// and works fine, but if I change it to https:// it then displays wrong as per firefox

Is there a easy to do guide on changing my site from http:// to https://
I still use lightroom for my image galleries?

I don’t recall if Backlight 1 has the option to redirect to https. Check Backlight Settings under Privacy.

Here’s a thread on the old forum about implementing https on a BL1 site
do a Google search on “community theturninggate”
The top result should be the old forum. Look under Backlight Support.

No privacy settings in Backlight 1
Thanks for the thread on the old forum
I’ll try working through all that info

Changed everything to https://
Now works in both Chrome & Firefox!!
Thanks for all your info & help Rod