NAS as server - mybooklive

Hello there,

has anyone already tried to get backlight on a mybooklive running?
I use is as backup server, but it is already a constantly running server connected to the internet.
Maybe anybody has experience performance wise on similar NAS?

BR Taya

Yes on my QNAP NAS.
You have to enable webserver and install backlight into this folder.
Look here:

I use 2 Lightroom Publisher instances. One for my website and one for my website on my NAS. In each instance I create the same album and copy the same images into both albums. Then upload all to my website and my NAS.
So I have always one backup or I can test something with my NAS before uploading to my website.


Thank you Rainer for the reply!
This sounds interesting. These QNAP NAS servers are quite open to do such kind of things.

Sounds like a future invest :slight_smile:

But has anybody a mybook live actively in use? :face_with_monocle:

Do you know if mybook live meets the requirements found near the bottom of this page:

Thanks, but unfortunately this is only possible with some adjustments :no_mouth:
I don’t like that, as it should still be available for its original purpose…

So I will keep it as a simple storage. Could have saved some money and energy