Navigation on upgrade to BL£

Hi, I have successfully upgraded to BL3 from BL2. Mostly been smooth but one change I do not understand and that is the navigation for single images in an album have gone from the sides of the image to on top of the image and the icons for full-screen, thumbnails and slide show are no longer on the top of the page, Can I get them back? I note they seem to be on several sites using BL3.

It sounds like you’re describing the difference between the single image presentation and the slide show presentation. Check the template to make sure you’re using the slideshow presentation if you want the thumbnails.

These controls appear at the top of the page and come with the Slideshow presentation:


Thanks Rod for your quick response. This is a page from my BL3 website which I am developing to be more minimalist and ‘white’:

This is a page from my publisher which shows the old BL2 version:

Guest pw is Guest.
Hope this helps

your second link goes to your Backlight login page, not to another album.

What you have is what I would expect from a template using Single Image Pages. If you want the controls that have the play button, thumbnails, etc., then change the presentation type to Slideshow.

Thanks Rod that has solved it, as always your quick help is much appreciated. Ben