Need 2 Columns for Menu

It turns out, much to my chagrin, that we have so many workshops that they don’t all show up in the menu, so I clearly need two columns for the spill over.

You can see what I mean if you go to Click on

Workshops & Info > Upcoming Workshops

There is no full menu, and how much of it shows depends upon the size of my/your screen and presumably resolution selected. On my 27" monitor, it stops with Scout & Shoot, and on my laptop, only gets to Outer Banks Fall.

Two columns would presumably take care of this issue.

Thanks, I hope,


You’re doing too much with the menu. I advise moving to use a page to list out your workshops. There are various approaches you could take to this. For example, you could just list out workshops on a single page, in the content area; as an alternative, maybe set up an album set as a workshops page, then publish an album for each individual workshop. The latter would actually make it pretty simple to organize, as you would get the nested structure for your workshops.

However you go about it, menus as large as what you’ve created are unwieldy, and make for a poor user experience. It’s just too large to parse, and when menus become as unwieldy as this, it’s usually a “bad smell” that should lead you to investigate for making organizational improvements.

Thanks, Matthew. It is easy; I’ll just have that parent menu item point to the calendar page … In fact, it took less than a minute to do. DONE!

Thank you so much!!!


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Hey, that’s much better.

One more small bit of critique, though. When I clicked from Home, through the menu to the calendar page, I did not immediately realize that I had paged to a new page. Mostly because the slideshow occupies the view so prominently, and lives on both pages. I thought the slideshow had simply continued to roll through images, without noticing that I was, in fact, on the new page.

Thanks, Matthew!

Actually, the pages have different slide shows, but I can see how it might look the same. I guess I’ll have to redesign that page. Always something!

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