Need Help With Backlight 3 Error Message

I am trying to help out a friend that is still using Backlight3. His site is giving an error message:
Something went wrong
preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in 97-page-3.0.4-13-14-menu_9-91-index-2.0.1-17-3-1-admin.view-1.template on line 79

I have password access to his site, but have been unable to find the issue.

His site is and the issue is when trying to open the galleries page.


A similar issue recently came up on the forum.
I think the problem was php incompatibility.

Find out what version his site is running on. Chances are that it’s version 8.
See if he can revert to an older version, like 7.4. Those kind of changes should be possible through the Cpanel. If not, have him contact his host.

If it is a php incompatibility and the host no longer provides older versions of php, the only solution may be to upgrade to Backlight 5


He’s using Bluehost and they just updated to php version 8, I will see if I can revert it to 7.4.

It does only seem to be an issue with his galleries index, if I use a direct link to one of the galleries every is fine. Such as New Images - Rich Armstrong Photography

As always I appreciate your help,

I’m on Bluehost too. In my CPanel, only php 8.x is available

It does sound like a PHP compatibility error, and I would definitely expect Backlight 3 to have issues on PHP 8.

This is the sort of error for which the advised fix is simply to upgrade. Ben puts in a substantial amount of work for ongoing PHP support, so it’s definitely the sort of thing that falls under the upgrade umbrella, rather than the troubleshoot umbrella. If he has the option to downgrade to PHP 7, he should be able to carry on with Backlight 3 until that ceases to be an option. If PHP 8 is his only option, then he should install the very latest version of Backlight 3 (which supports the discounted upgrade to the latest Backlight), and then he should purchase the upgrade via the Backlight Modules page.

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I’ve discussed his options with him, and he will upgrade to 8.