Network error

For several months (see my message august 2023) , from time to time, it has been impossible for me to download a series of images. The error message is as follows: [Error: This looks like a network error, the endpoint might be blocked by an internet provider or a firewall.Source error: [Error:Upload error]]

1°) It’s random;
2°) If I change the name of the file (jpg obtained with LR export) the blockage persists: it is therefore not a question of naming;
3°) However, if I make a new attempt with the same files 1 hour later, it is the same files which block;
4°) But I can download these files one by one;

5°) all software is up to date including BL…

Have you some ideas


You’re uploading files to your site, correct?

if so, it could be upload limits on the server.
If you have the ability to edit the php.ini file (found in the root of the site), look for Upload_max_filesize

Hi , The common server that hosts my website is configured by default for a size of 65MB per file and 20 files simultaneously.

But, it is the values ​​of the php.ini file in BL that are taken into account (instead of the serveur values) if this file exists in BL.

It seems it’s not a precise “science”, since I can be blocked one day, and the same files are uploaded without any problem two days later! Similarly, when it’s blocked I can uploaded the image one by one, but not 2 by 2…

Thank’s for your help.

Backlight does not supply a php.ini file. Try downloading the file and editing it. It should be in the root of the site. If not, your host should be able to set it up for you.