New BlueHost problems

any simple solution? uploaded new backlight 5, with hidden files,

Unable to find the SQLite module. Backlight 5 requires the PDO, SQLite and XML modules. Make sure that these modules are installed and enabled.

thanks in advance.


I’m having host/server issues as well, but with Netfirms. Internal Server Error, when uploading client response galleries. Something I routinely do. No sure if it’s related to your issue.

Have either of you contacted your hosts?

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Yes, I was having this issue last week, they increased the PHP memory limit from 64mb to 500mb, and voila, the next time I tried it, it worked. But alas, it’s broken again, even with memory at 500mb. just got off the phone with them, they can’t see the error on their side, and it appears to be intermittent… so not being all that web fluent, I’m at a loss here.

@engraver Talk to your host. These are basic PHP modules, usually enabled by default. They’ve either switched them off, or their server is misconfigured.

I was stupid. Their file structure is odd. backlight must have needed to be closer to public root.

Matthew, what’s the newest PHP supported by Backlight? I’m running PHP 7.0 now.

We support up to the latest PHP 8.

Specifically, up to 8.1.

As a Bluehost user I have endured a numbered of problems, especially in the last two years or so, since the quality of the tech support has drastically diminished and their main focus has heavily switched to WordPress and little else. I have had the same error (and others) and after no help from tech support I found out that Bluehost had re-written the .htaccess file without giving me any notice. When I restored my previous .htaccess file things behaved. Until they rewrote it again a few months later. When I asked tech support the answer was they found their version was the most efficient for… WordPress. I keep a version of the .htaccess file on my systems read to repost it if necessary.


Mental. :exploding_head:

They’ve fallen so very far …

I gave up on Bluehost and now use Dreamhost for the last few years with no trouble with Backlight 4 & 5