New error after my host update to PHP 7.4

Running Backlight 5 with all modules at latest levels.

I now get the following error when I go to my website

Unable to find the SQLite module. Backlight 2 requires the PDO, SQLite and XML modules. Make sure that these modules are installed and enabled.

You should contact your host about those modules.

they claim they are no longer supported

here is their reply
PDO, SQLite " not supported. You have to use mysqli_connect, I suggest upgrade script to use mysqli"

Do they support the needed modules in PHP 8 (I’m surprised they still have php 7.4, that one seems to be disappearing)

I just love how they’re like, “Oh, we don’t support standard, out-of-the-box PHP modules. Please rewrite your app specifically for our bullshit platform.”

My Webhost claims that SQLite is only provided on VPS servers, and will no longer support VPS / SQLite. Does this make sense? They claim that the dropped support for SQLite and VPS .

I’m on Bluehost and I don’t have VPS hosting, and SQLite and the other required modules are all installed.

No, it doesn’t makes sense. Sounds like you may need to migrate to another host.

I am looking into moving to a different hosting platform, however I want to ask another quick question.
It is now there assertion that PHP7.4 does not support SQLite. and unfortunately the ONLY version of PHP they offer is 7.4
could this be correct?

According to my Googling, it seems that PHP 7.4 omits SQLite from builds for specific servers. @Ben probably knows more about it, or knows where to find good info.