New Website - Shilling Productions

Hi Matt,

I had created a website back in 2010 using your Lightroom plugins prior to the development of CE4.
Unfortunately, I could not update the site with my newer photos. When Backlight came out in 2016, I was motivated to create a new site that I could easily update. However, my academic job at UCSD was very demanding and I did not have the time to work on it until July 2020 after I retired.

Using Backlight 3 to create our new website was quite a roller coaster at first. Backlight would not work on the host I was using and the technical support at this host was very frustrating to work with. Took them a week to figure out why I could not even log in to Backlight. Eventually they were not able to solve some challenges using Backlight on their server (security issues) so I moved to our website development to DreamHost. DreamHost has excellent technical help, lots of easily accessible documentation at a great price. Thanks Matt for the suggestion. I also considered BlueHost but the reviews were mixed (some very negative) so went with DreamHost instead.

My wife and I are very happy with our new website. I want to thank you, Rod Barbee and Ben Williams for all the support and feedback you provided. Some of the best support I have received from any company.

Keep up the great work!
Thanks, Paul


Thanks, Paul. Glad you were able to find a better host than you had, as hosting make or break the experience of setting up your own website. As for Bluehost, we used to recommend them wholeheartedly, but they’ve slid downhill in recent times, and we’ve lost confidence in them.

Without hosting addressed, I hope Backlight 3 has been and will continue to be a good experience for you.