Nginx heads up

The guidelines for Nginx in the documentation include the single image page url rewrite.
This is used for passing a single image slug to backlight, e.g. as for the url’s used in RSS feeds which include -single at the end of the image slug.

Single Image pages

rewrite ^(.)/(.)-single.php $1/single.php?id=$2&mod_rewrite=on last;

However, the above is incorrect and will not work. Change it to the below for correct redirection.

Single Image pages

rewrite ^(.)/(.)-single $1/single.php?id=$2&mod_rewrite=on last;

Hi, @tim.fidd, thanks for the heads-up. I’ve updated the documentation.

FYI the old rule still does work. It just doesn’t align with the non-.php links that Backlight 5 now produces.