No access to Backlight Modules


Could you please help with the following issue:

I am in the Admin Pages of Backlight 4, the log in works fine. When I click Backlight Modules nothing happens except the spinning wheel in the top right corner turns. After a few minutes I get the message: Something went wrong
HTTP error: 504

This happens in Chrome (my standard browser) as well as Microsoft Edge.

I am running Backlight on 2 domains ( and and both have the same issue.

Today I have updated PHP 7.4 to 8.0, and I have bought the license for Backlight 5. My intention is to upgrade.

Before, earlier today, the access to Backlight Modules worked just fine.

Can the PHP update be the origin of the problems?

Thank you.

Hi BoJe,

I’m seeing the something similar with my installations, getting no response at all. Looks like there may be an issue with the Backlight server.
@Ben or @Matthew will need to look into it

Hi @BoJe and @rod_barbee, thanks for the heads-up. The Backlight server had run out of space. I’ve cleared up space and it’s now working again.


Thank you for the good news. Everything is perfect again.

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