No start image at video

Clicking on a video the resulting screen normally shows - before proceeding to click on start - the window containing a start image. So it does in all browsers, except safari on a Mac (computer and laptop). That image also does not show on a iPad.

Try link: Telder Beeldend Dans Theater - Silvester Povel | Photography

Could that be repaired in a CSS or otherwise?

It looks like probably an issue with the embedded Vimeo player, in which case, I think not something that you or I have control over.

I think and hope it is something else. To me, it is hard to believe that it is an issue of the embedded Vimeo player of the BROWSER (at least I think that is what you suggest?). Please have a look at: Soldaat en Meisje, Fransje Povel-Speleers a page of my wife’s site, which I made with CE3. There the videos show an image before you click the start button. On Apple computer and laptop too.
But, not everything can be helped, indeed.

I’m seeing a preview image in Windows browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave) and in Safari on my iPhone (latest iOS). I don’t see the preview image on my iPad in Safari (also latest iOS)

Looks good to me in Brave (roughly equivalent to Chrome), but I do see the image missing in desktop Safari.

Yes Rod, That’s my point. Would there be a remedy, you think?

Not that I know. That’s beyond my knowledge. It’s probably as Matt indicated above.

OK! Thanks anyway.