One specific album refuses to update via LR

After doing a number of updates of my album “Family - 2018-now”, I now get an error message when trying to do another update: ![image|574x338](upload://dzWicPdI1gFjfL4hR0J2PLutxS9.png

I get the preparing to export progress bar and then the error message comes up when it tries to do the first image update. I cannot find any problem with the configuration.

Hi Herb, I can’t see the image. Can you try adding it in a reply?

Let’s see if this works: image

In any case, the text of the error message is: Can’t update this collection. The rendition could not be created. Please ensure that the original file name is accessible, especially when stored on external or network storage.

Thanks, Herb. Is it only one photo that’s getting stuck? Is the original available on a connected drive?

If it is one particular image, can you try making an inconsequential visual edit (e.g by moving one of the sliders a single percent in LR’s Develop module) and trying to publish again? It could be that your server or host is incorrectly deeming the binary file to be malicious.

Solved. The file after the last one successfully uploaded was a video I had accidentally added to the album. I took it out and am back to uploading. Thanks!

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