Orphan text in Captions

I’m experiencing a weird reaction to clearing out some text I had inserted before the {Caption} tag in an album template, image presentation. I had inserted text preceding the {Caption} tag for a home page gallery representing an exhibition I was in until today. Removing that text and clearing template cache doe not flush the pre-caption text.

I can turn off Caption display OK but when I turn it back on again the deleted text precedes my replacement image captions.
I suspect this has been written into a database field that needs editing at field level.
Any advice welcome as I would like Captions to display.
The gallery in on my home page OWENS

Hi Tom,
Try clicking the “Update album files” link on the Special Links page.

Actually, you may need to republish the metadata, assuming you’re using Lightroom

I’ll try that when I get back from walking the dog. The Update special Links did not get rid of it. I was looking in Lightroom for any evidence of the text and could not find any as I had written it into the template in BL.
I’ll let you know when I get in.
Thanks Rod

Thanks Rod,
That fixed it thanks but I don’t understand why as it was not text entered in Lightroom but fixed anyway.
I’ll try and remember that one.

I think that any time you make any metadata change you need to republish.

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