Packages and multiple price categories not working

Hi there,

I have an album where photos have different prices managed by Lightroom categories.

If I chose a package all default photos can be added but as soon as I try to add a photo of an other categories (different price list) I can not add it.
All I get is the “normal” dialog to choose a product.

To put it clearer, I have to use 2 categories because I have to prevent photos to be Download able. These photos are put in the second categories (the one that doesn’t let me add it to the package) where the product “Download” is deactivated.

Any idea?


Can you post a link to an album?

Packages are limited to the products you include in them. And then limited by the number of each product you allow. Once you reach those limits, if you try to add anything then the regular Add-to-Cart dialog will appear.
could that be what’s happening?

unfortunately this is not my problem.
The “error” occurs even if you add one photo of the second category as very fist photo.

give me a sec to provide you a link…

ok Rod, here is a test-album.

The normal one does not work - has categories set (uses different price list)
The funny one works fine - has no category set

I’m not sure how Packages and Mixed Pricing work together, or if they work together at all.

After adding the package, if I click the cart button on the first picture and select a product, that picture is added on its own rather than the Package.

If I try the second image, the choice I make is added to the Package.

Is that what you’re seeing too?

as far as I can tell, only the first photo has text in the category field (kindergarten_online_gruppenfoto).

@Ben is going to need to comment on this and clarify how packages and mixed pricing work together.

That is exactly what I see as well.

Maybe it helps when giving the one with no category a category?!

I’ll give it a try

no :frowning: adding a cat to the one without a cat doesn’t solve the problem :frowning:

@Ben will know, he’s the developer of the Cart

well, seems like in Ben’s region are holidays as well :slight_smile: