Page Template for Client Login Page

I am using Backlight 2 and am trying to assign a page template to my Client Login Page that is different than my page template for my album. I have done this in Backlight settings - personalization - Client template. I have changed it to a template I have made called “Blank Menu”. My album Template uses “Blank Menu Full Screen”. When I land on the login page it is still using the template which is assigned to my album “Blank Menu Full Screen”. I have cleared the template cache in settings and cleared my browser history - all time. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

The gallery link is: 2023Gallery - Lisa Lotrijan Photography
and the password is test

Try a different page template, like the default page template, and see if that works.

Hi Rod,
I tried that and it did not work. I tried changing my album template to the default template and it changed the album and the login page.

I also tried keeping the album template to the one I want - Blank Menu Full Width, and changing the client template to Default and it does not work either. It always keeps the template that is assigned to the album as the template for the client template.

Are you using the most recent versions of Backlight and the Client Response module that are available to you?

Try clearing Template Cache (that might be in the Design menu tree in BL 2, I just don’t remember).

What version of php is your host using? You can check by clicking on the View PHP Info link. Sorry, I don’t remember where that’s at in BL 2. Probably in the Admin menu tree.

As an aside, since Backlight 2 no longer receives updates, it might be a good idea to upgrade to Backlight 5 and the latest Client Response add-on. They have better functionality and are continually updated to be compatible with the latest versions of php.

I am using PHP 7.4.33
Template Cache has been cleared

I am not sure about the Client-Reponse though - I do not believe I have that. Here is a screen shot of my modules.

Ok, that explains it.
From your original post I assumed you were using the Client Response add-on.
You’re using the Privacy settings in the album itself. (Sorry, I should have noticed that; Client login requires an email address as well.)

The Client Page template setting in Backlight Settings are for use with Client login when using the Client Response add-on.

What your using takes on the same styling as the album.

Oh I see :frowning:
The client response gallery is not compatible with the cart correct? I think that is why I do not have it, unless it has changed since I last looked into it. I liked the fact that you could leave comments and select favorites for each image, but need the albility for people to purchase the images from their gallery as well.

That is correct.

Some people have used a Client Response album for initial feedback and client selections. After that process is complete, they remove the unselected images and change the album template for that album to a Cart enabled template so the client can then purchase their selections.