Panel for users to accept cookies

Is there a template or switch to display the required cookie notice?


Turn it on in Backlight Settings > Privacy
Edit the notice in Backlight Settings > Languages > Manage Language > Privacy

Thank you, Rod. Two additional comments:

  1. Where do I find the display characteristics of the panel (color, font, etc)?

  2. When I select clear template cache, I get the following page:


As to the color. Take a look at the Color controls in the page template and see which color matches up with the color you’re seeing in the cookies box.
Font is probably the base font found in the Typography section of the page template.
Beyond that, any further styling probably needs to be done with custom css.

To your other question, I have no clue. Can you repost it under its own topic and be sure to include a link to the site.

You can also paste images into forum posts, see the icons at the top of the posting text box.

They’re entirely based on the base colors for your template. You can style as you like using CSS, but we intended for this to be as hands-off as possible, and so there is not a dedicated set of controls.

I am getting an orange box with almost invisible text in it. It is also fairly large. I assume that the template involved is the default template, but cannot find any settings that have orange as a background. I am using orange as a hyperlink color, but changing that does not seem to have any effect. Any thoughts? Right now I have the acceptance notice turned off.

Also, clearing cache and cookies on the browser does not seem to allow the cookies acceptance box to reappear after the first time. Is there a way to clear it so that I can see any changes I have made? (I’ve run out of browsers to use as a ‘first time’ )

Regarding the clear template issue, I have not been able to reproduce it. Must have been a fluke.

The cookie notices used colors found in the Color settings of the page template you’re using for your site.
But it doesn’t assign the colors to the same place.
For the cookie notice background, the Accent color is used. For the cookie notice text color, the Base color is used. It basically sets up an opposite color scheme.
The accept/decline buttons are the same color scheme assigned to your other buttons in the Typography section.

For some reason, when viewing my sites on an iPad in Safari, I often get the cookie notice, even though I may have already accepted it during a prior visit.

I don’t know how to force it though, that would be handy.

If you want to apply custom css, normally I’d suggest using the browser inspector to find the selectors, but in this case, that may not be possible.

Instead, you can find the selectors in the Backlight css.
To view that, look at your page source code by right clicking anywhere on the page and choosing View Page Source (or words to that effect, depending on your browser). Scroll down to the head area and look for a line like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="/backlight/publisher/gallery/stylesheet/style/6" />

and click on the link that comes after href=
This will take you to the stylesheet.
In the browser, click on Edit > Find in this page (depending on the browser you use) and search for “cookie”

Thanks, Rod. Finding the right place to change was very helpful. I was changing colors one at a time without success before. Maybe a link to a note about what to change could be added to the cookie switch dialog.
Thanks again

You can reset the cookies notice by opening the browser’s debug console, then typing:


Press enter to run the command, then refresh the page.

Is there a way to show the cookies panel only once? It is not an issue on a large screen, but on a phone it is often hard to clear when it appears on every new module.