Pangolin Essay questions

I’m exploring the use of Pangolin Essay for a number of my projects as it looks like a good fit.
I’ve watched the video several times but I need to clear up a few questions first. I use Lightroom for my publishing and it looks like in Matt’s video Backlight publisher is being used.
I created a Photo-Essays Top-Level set under Publisher in Backlight admin. Up until now I have just had my Galleries Top-Level set.
My first question is do I have to create another TTG Publisher instance in Lightroom to be able to publish images to my essay sets (draft and otherwise) as my current setup mirrors my gallery menu structure?
Does Essay lean towards using Backlight publisher rather than Lightroom?
I might be being a bit dull here so any pointers are gladly welcomed.

If you created a new top-level set then you will need to create another instance of Lightroom Publisher.

Essay works with either Backlight or Lightroom publishing

Thanks Rod. I thought as much. Just being a bit dull here.

Essay is just another type of album, and so you can do all the usual album things. I think it lends itself to working in Backlight Publisher just because of the writing space and access to the builder, but you could just as well copy the gallery snippets and paste them into the Lightroom Publisher.

Thanks Matt