Pangolin-journal not installed

I’ve just got around to installing the upgrade to BL4 and pangolin-journal is showing as not installed.
My head has been stuck in other stuff so I don’t know if I missed a trick or not when I bought the upgrade.

Is there something obvious I have missed?

It is a separate download from the Designer Templates page. Click the green “Download Template Presets” link at the top

Thanks Luke,
I saw the green button and tried to download the pangolin-journal and got this.

To install pangolin-journal module, click the Install All button under Backlight 4

Thanks Rod,
Staring me in the eye!

Hi @tomowensphoto, it’s not intuitive and not how we’d like it to work, but I don’t have a good solution yet for having pangolin-journal install automatically on a site upgrade.

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Thanks Ben. The new way of upgrading though is far better than the CE days and is so easy that sometimes I forget what maybe I would have thought about previously.
As an aside, after purchasing an upgrade such as BL4 and getting the downloaded zip, is there anything that we should be doing to replace certain files on the server?
I have only upgraded one instance so far, and I think the propmt was something like 39 updates. I’ve yet to do my sandpit and company upgrades.
Maybe just adding a note to the changelog prompting a manual intervention would be good enough? It certainly would have been in my agile practitioner days as it does not warrant lots of develeopment and testing time.
I happen to read the changelog but then I tend to have been an RTFM person but I appreciate many these days are used to silentish software updates.

For upgrades to an existing site, you can skip the download entirely. If that’s ever not the case, we’ll shout it out in the instructions.

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Thanks Matthew. That is good to know.